ok.. i jst dont understand… why do u need to disturb my life again n again????  cant u even understand the word ‘pls do not disturb my life!!’ or u need me to wrote in wht language? tamil???  r u an idiot or what? such a jerk stalking peoples life.. move on man.. move on even i can move on for wht u did to me.. forgive u ya… forget wht u said n did NEVER. being friend?? NEVER!!!!! jst go away n let me be.. ok??? pls.. let me be and dont dare or even msg me or whtever.. dont jst go arond being innocence since u r not


my only ♥

hahahaha tajuk xlh nk gah lgi ke….
oh man… where should i start…
ya know… dh 2 years i shut my heart… close..
ttup serapat2 nya… but… suddenly msa final sem…
this guy…i suddenly have this.. grrr hate the feeling…
i jst dnt know when.. how.. where…since when hahahaha..
at 1st i was like i like to see his face… bcos he is so mean!! mean mean mean!!! dnt know wht to say hahaha… during presentation.. my fren tht aslo like him, ask my help to take picture with him. at tht time my heart a abit hurt but i can endure it.. so suddenly he said.. diba xnk ke amek gmbr??? i was like… * watashi no kokoro wa doki doki … really fast!!!* tht time aku nk ckp nk!!!!!! tp.. i said… ek buat ape tah… ingt retis ke??

next smbung later…

-Diba Dayana-


there will be time when u r deep down and in ur heart u need smeone called friend and when u notice they were not there for and u realize u need to bring urself up and i’ve been in this kind of situation ALWAYS. wht is frend for when u needed them but they ignore any of calls or msg when u r always there when they needed you.. is damnly hurting but, do they even care? am i being selfish or they r the one tht being selfish?? but i know.. only He knows how i felt.. He understand me the most.. He even know why i’m being to depresss..